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Dimeko and HYPERVSN

3D Hologram display from HYPERVSN

Growth of profits and popularity of your brand thanks to 3D holographic displays

INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE PRODUCT – HYPERVSN is the creator of this technology and a leader in 3D advertising and digital marketing.

The HYPERVSN device projects 3D content using 4 rotating LED fins. This creates the effect of a hologram moving in the air.

The largest 3D wall built so far includes 77 devices.

You can create, project and control 3D content using HYPERVSN software.

HYPERVSN adheres to the highest European standards for certification and quality.

HYPERVSN offers troubleshooting for both hardware and software problems 24/7.

The lifespan of HYPERVSN devices is 10 times longer than other replicas on the market.