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Our 2023: Investing In the Latest Tech, Commitment to Green Practices, and Gaining New Clients

For everyone at Dimeko, 2023 was dynamic, interesting, and quite memorable: a year marked by strategic investments in cutting-edge technology, commitment to green practices, and winning over many new clients across Bulgaria and Europe. 

Investing in the Latest Tech and Increasing Our Production Capacity

We worked on more than 1500 advertising projects with small, mid-sized, and more influential companies such as Mondelēz, Nestlé, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Ficosota, P&G, Bayersdorf, Amperel, Inter Foods, Roshen and others. Many of these projects included pioneering ideas such as incorporating 3D elements, dynamic lighting, and other innovative features into advertising materials and tools. 

The Numbers 

Type Advertising POS MaterialPOS MaterialsCrafted in 2023Target for 2024
POS Floor Displays193 882 pcs.229 000 pcs.
POS Shelving Displays 108 423 pcs.136 000 pcs.
POS Pallet Zones8 900 pcs.10 700 pcs.
Other POS Materials224 000 pcs.269 000 pcs.

In 2023, Dimeko's meticulously crafted displays were arranged into a total of 15,365 euro pallets – or 147,540 square meters—which is equivalent to the size of 2 football fields. We have set an ambitious (yet realistic) goal of increasing our overall production of all POS materials by 20% in 2024.

Environmentally Responsible Production Practices 

Achieving high energy and resource efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout all phases of production – from idea to manufacturing and delivery – remains a priority to us. We use water-based glues and biodegradable dye and pigment inks, ensuring a superior finish and non-carcinogenic all-around composition of all our advertising materials, which are also crafted from FSC® C 150230–certified materials.We look forward to more collaborations with gifted, high-caliber teams from around the world as we continue incorporating innovation, creativity, and green practices in all steps of our work processes.