You can also order only printing of your product with us!
High-quality direct printing of different types of media with no limit on format and quantity!

The fastest and highest quality digital printing in the Balkans

The latest addition to Dimeko MZ – industrial printer EFI VUTEK HS125 Pro. In 2019, we acquired the only such machine of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula. With a maximum print speed of an impressive 771m2 / hour, it does in minutes what it takes hours for such printers.

The industrial printer is a UV LED hybrid for direct printing on corrugated cardboard, cardboard, PVC boards, as well as roll media. With it we transfer a large part of our production from offset to digital printing. Thus we get high speed and low cost of printing and closed production process. Another very important advantage of the printer is that with it we can produce a small volume of output.

The EFI inks used by the machine are manufactured in America and have a GreenGuard certificate certifying their safety. They do not have the residual odours typical of UV inks. In combination with the 100% recyclable FSC® C 150230 certified materials we use, we produce safe and environmentally friendly products.