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Why do you need a pallet zone or how Mondelez International increase its sales twentyfold in one week

The pallet zone is suitable advertising material for any type of product. The design can be varied and our experience shows that this is one of the best advertising methods on the Bulgarian market.

For their Christmas campaign ten years ago Mondelez International wanted to do something different. Together we produced a non-standard pallet area that was roughly 5 metres long by two metres wide. It was a huge sleigh on which children could have their photos taken sitting next to Santa Claus. They positioned it in the Kaufland supermarket in the capital, thus being able to show the whole range of new and classic products they produce.

A statistic from Kaufland stores is that in one month since the placement of the pallet area, as many products have been sold as are generally sold in an average of SIX MONTHS of the same products and in the same object.

Place your products in a pallet area, which can be classic or custom-made, and you are guaranteed increased sales opportunities.

Be innovative in your advertising solutions.

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