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Our Team

We have trained all the members of the Dimeko MZH sales team to not only be professional, but also always invest in their relationship with their clients, so it lives on. Every client and project deserve their undivided attention and our team aims at following the vision of our clients, while simultaneously perfecting it using all our available resources. They are motivated and confident. They operate on a large-scale contact base covering the region in many different industries.


POS materials
Indoor visual display solutions


Market influence

Meet Geo Kovachev, an innovator in advertising constructions and digital design. He is a key figure in the creation of projects for all types of POS materials that are necessary for the successful promotion of the brand in the retail network.

Geo Kovachev

Meet Tsvetelina Inkovska, Sales Department. Young, successful and constructive, she knows the advertising market in detail and is behind every Dimeko marketing project.

Tsvetelina Inkovska

Meet Margarita Tocheva. Together with Valentina Todorova, she is responsible for the organization and discipline in our accounting department.

Margarita Tocheva

Meet Plamen Pandov, a major driver in the development of non-standard and innovative proposals for all our customers. There is no impossible project for him.

Plamen Pandov

Meet Julian Lukarski. Thanks to him, our products and warehouse are always in perfect condition.

Julian Lukarski

Meet Tanya Hristova, a bright beam in the Sales Department. She is radiant, smiling and strong-willed. Every day she charges with positiveness both our clients and ourselves. The result of each project she undertakes contains just as much imagination as practicality.

Tanya Hristova

Meet Alexander Simeonov, the only gentleman in our Sales Department. Positive, responsible, purposeful - he always knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

Alexander Simeonov

Meet Valeria Georgieva. She is responsible for all corporate clients in our company. With her dynamism, responsibility and smile, she is a key driver for the success of our sales department.

Valeria Georgieva